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Michele Pouliot (USA)

oktober 2018

Michele Pouliot has been a professional guide dog instructor with the largest US guide dog school, serving the blind, since 1974. Before entering the guide dog field, she was a professional in the field of horse training, mentoring under Linda Tellington Jones and Wentworth Tellington. In 1972, Michele became active in training her first pet Labrador and became fascinated with the comparisons of how dogs and horses learn, stimulating her interest and pursuit in professional dog training.

Michele became fascinated with the artistic sport of musical freestyle which combines the precision of obedience with trick behaviors and the creative challenge of blending music and choreography. In 5 years in the sport, Michele has won 4 international competitions and attained 5 Championship Titles.

Michele and Listo, an Australian Shepherd, are the only team in the world to earn TEN "double 10" scores (Perfect Scores in both the technical and artistic components of freestyle competition). Michele thoroughly enjoys the ongoing challenges in the sport of canine freestyle and the use of clicker training to achieve innovative and entertaining routines


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